Patient-centrism: The data-driven trend to watch in healthcare transformation

Source: Fierce Healthcare, Paige Minemyer, May 15, 2018

NIHCM Foundation convened a panel on the healthcare industry’s transition from volume to value

Every day, 750 quadrillion bytes of data are generated in health care.

And all that data is not only driving the shift from volume to value, but pushing a broader trend that health leaders should be paying close attention to: patient-centrism.

 It has become a mantra throughout the modern healthcare system, said Clifton Leaf, editor-in-chief of Fortune magazine, speaking Monday about industry transformation at an event hosted by the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation. But patient-centrism reflects a total flip in thinking about patient data access from years’ past when patients were typically the last to know about their own health information.
“A lot of what’s happening here is a social and behavioral challenge,” Leaf said, as it requires traditional healthcare organizations and new entrants to center their approach around the patient. That wealth of data is also pushing some companies into the healthcare space, Leaf said. Fortune will release its annual Fortune 500 list shortly, and a number of those included this year have jumped recently into healthcare, he said.

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10 data-driven trends to watch in healthcare transformation

Here are 10 “big trends” driven by data that the industry should be monitoring over the next several years, according to Fortune’s Clifton Leaf.

  1. Realignment and merger activity
  2. Patient-centrism
  3. EHRs “get Apple-ed”
  4. Artificial intelligence “democratizes” care
  5. Precision medicine is rebranded as precision health
  6. De-emphasizing the hospital as the center of care
  7. Reimagining the clinical trial
  8. Smarter (and louder) medications
  9.  Population health gets a boost
  10.  A growing focus on the “diseasome”

That patient-centered mindset informs other trends, he said. A patient-centric healthcare system focuses more on population health and puts less of an emphasis on care provided in traditional hospitals.

Some of the trends noted by Leaf

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Source: Fierce Healthcare, Paige Minemyer, May 15, 2018