Healthcare IT Today April 7, 2021
John Lynn

Mental health has always had a challenging place in healthcare.  First, it has suffered from an extreme amount of stigma (and still does) that has caused many people to avoid getting the mental health care they need.  Second, (and possibly because of the stigma) we don’t have nearly enough mental health providers out there to service everyone that needs help.  Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns have driven almost all of us to question our mental health state at some point in the last year.  While many of these COVID related mental health problems don’t rise to the point that they need professional help, many do.

It’s not hard to see where this is headed.  Lots of people with mental...

Topics: Behavioral Health, Digital Health, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Public Health, Technology
As pandemic enters year 2, mental health burden becomes clearer
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A Population-Based Approach to Curb the Mental Health Crisis
EHR Adoption Barriers, Facilitators in Behavioral Health Facilities

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