Chilmark Research December 4, 2019
Chilmark Team

We must have hit a batter’s slump in 2019.

In past years, our predictions of what is to come have resulted in well over a .500 batting average. In 2019 we fell to a paltry .385, which is considered a great batting average in baseball, but not so great for analysts’ predictions. Our biggest miss was what would happen in the IPO market. The jittery stock market at the end of 2018 had us thinking no IPO would materialize – instead we had four, successful, digital health IPOs and if you count Peloton, which we don’t, five.

Without further ado, our assessment of 2019 predictions:

Revenue cycle management M&A picks up; Optum acquires Conifer – MISS

Tenet’s attempts to sell Conifer were unsuccessful and they...