Fierce Healthcare January 14, 2020
Healthcare Staff

SAN FRANCISCO—It’s day two of the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Conference in San Francisco and it’s clear, this is not just a life sciences conference anymore with plenty of announcements flying from healthcare organizations and payers alike.

So what’s going on at JPM?

Here’s the latest from the FierceHealthcare team:

Tenet continues buckling down on efficiencies

When Ron Rittenmyer, CEO of publicly-traded health system giant Tenet Healthcare, gave his update at the conference on Tuesday, he took several minutes to describe a new data “dashboard” introduced in the health system in late 2019.

The system features a number of realtime data points such as daily volume metrics, payer mix, expense management, quality and safety and more, he said. The big idea, he said: “Reducing decision to action” time.