Fierce Healthcare January 15, 2020
Healthcare Staff

SAN FRANCISCO—It’s day three of the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Conference in San Francisco while some tracks are starting to wind down, there’s still plenty of business going on at and around the Westin St. Francis.  

So what’s going on at JPM?

Here’s the latest from the FierceHealthcare team:

Tenet continues buckling down on efficiencies

When Ron Rittenmyer, CEO of publicly-traded health system giant Tenet Healthcare, gave his update at the conference on Tuesday, he took several minutes to describe a new data “dashboard” introduced in the health system in late 2019.

The system features a number of realtime data points such as daily volume metrics, payer mix, expense management, quality and safety and more, he said. The big idea, he said: “Reducing decision to action”...