Becker's Healthcare January 26, 2022
In Collaboration with Zelis

Electronic claim payment trends all point to one dynamic: faster turnaround. Simply put, businesses and consumers now expect near-immediate access to funds when they have been given notice of transfer. Luckily, that era of real-time digital payments is not too far off for health plans. 

Today, multiple factors are converging that place the future of digital payments in a broader context (i.e. the introduction of new payment models and the ever-changing reimbursement landscape). Priming for success necessitates health plans ask the right questions to design near-term and long-term payment strategies. 

That question? How does faster money movement impact how my organization does business?

Looking at the data

82% of consumers want to make their healthcare payments in one place, and...

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Topics: Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Payer, Provider
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