New York Times April 7, 2021
Farah Nayeri

Start-ups and tech companies are creating products to address women’s health care needs. It’s still a small segment of the market, but growing.

This article is part of our new series on the Future of Health Care, which examines changes in the medical field.

Women represent half of the planet’s population. Yet tech companies catering to their specific health needs represent a minute share of the global technology market.

In 2019, the “femtech” industry — software and technology companies addressing women’s biological needs — generated $820.6 million in global revenue and received $592 million in venture capital investment, according to PitchBook, a financial data and research company. That same year, the ride-sharing app Uber alone raised $8.1 billion in an initial...

Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Investments, Technology, Trends
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