HMP Global November 8, 2022
Samantha Matthews

With the health care industry continuing to evolve toward a value-based care model, data interoperability has become more crucial. In this interview with Integrated Healthcare Executive, Mark Braunstein, MD, professor of the practice emeritus at Georgia Tech and board of directors’ member at Rimdi, Inc, describes how substitutable medical applications and reusable technologies (SMART) on fast health care interoperability resources (SMART-on-FHIR) started, its role in the health care application market, and current interoperability policies.

Can you discuss how SMART-on-FHIR was started, and where it stands now?

In 2011, HL7, the global health interoperability standards developer recognized the need to reconsider its approach based on modern technologies. That same year interoperability expert Grahame Grieve...

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Topics: EMR / EHR, Health IT, HIE (Interoperability), Interview / Q&A, Payment Models, Provider, Technology, Trends, Value Based
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