PR Newswire April 7, 2021

21% of respondents postponed dental visits during past year

 FOSTER CITY, Calif — A recent survey explores whether people delayed health care during the COVID-19 pandemic and what type of health care services they avoided.

Nearly 40% of respondents reported they postponed certain health services, including:

  • 21% of respondents delayed dental visits
  • 18% delayed primary care 
  • 14% delayed eye doctor
  • 12% delayed specialist
  • 10% delayed physical therapy
  • 8% delayed mental health

Find the complete survey results and analysis: Survey: Almost 40% delayed health care during COVID-19.

While concerns about contracting COVID-19 drive delays in doctor visits, deferred care has serious consequences. Industry experts including Gail Trauco, a patients’ rights advocate, caution that delaying health services can:

  • Increase...

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