Fierce Health Payer November 22, 2021
Claudia Williams, Manifest MedEx

It’s a match that works. Like peanut butter and chocolate or Batman and Robin, some things just belong together.

Health plans and health information exchanges (HIEs) are quickly becoming one of the most dynamic duos in the healthcare landscape. Like many great partnerships, there was a bit of a will-they or won’t-they history to the relationship. It’s taken some time for payers and HIEs to find their way to each other. However, there’s new recognition today of the rewards of health plans and HIEs to work together in the context of value-based care.

Why does it work now? Health plan responsibilities to coordinate members’ overall health are ever larger and include a broader set of players, including social service organizations,...

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Topics: Health IT, Healthcare System, HIE (Interoperability), Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Payer, Population Health Mgmt, Provider, Technology
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