Managed Healthcare Executive July 13, 2019
Dan Brillman, Jacob Reider, MD, FAAFP

Health care is a term often associated with doctors, hospitals, and medical treatments. Indeed, dictionary definitions of the term often invoke medical interventions as examples of health care services. Yet the importance of social factors in the health of an individual or community can no longer be ignored. We, therefore, offer a clarified definition of health care to include the sum of three categories of service providers:  

  1. Medical Care Services (care management, physicians, hospitals, etc.)
  2. Behavioral Health Care Services (psychologists, social workers, substance use treatment providers, etc.)
  3. Social Care Services (housing providers, food assistance providers, transportation assistance providers, etc.)

The evolving health landscape

Social care providers, sometimes referred to as community-based organizations, are on the cusp of a disruptive change in...