Becker's Healthcare October 20, 2021
Patsy Newitt

More physicians are migrating to hospital employment, changing the traditional physician-ownership models of ASCs.

Seven ASC leaders spoke with Becker’s on how physician ownership is shifting this year. 

Editor’s note: These responses were edited lightly for clarity and brevity. 

Allan Peck, MD. Gastroenterology specialist in Montgomery, Ohio: The two forces of hospital ownership and private equity will again be at the forefront of physician practices in 2022. If there are changes in restrictive covenants, as proposed by President Joe Biden, there will be a significant shift in practice alignments. Physicians are realizing that what is good for hospital administration is not what is always best for physicians and their patients.

Amar Setty, MD. CEO of Patient Premier (Baltimore): Physician ownership is decreasing in 2021. We are...

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