HIT Consultant January 13, 2021
Fred Pennic

What You Should Know:

– NRC Health today released its 2021 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report, which surveyed 2 million healthcare consumers against the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

– The latest report highlights the major trends that came to light last year, and how they will continue to impact the healthcare industry in 2021 and beyond – from declining brand loyalty, increased care deferment, the fast adoption of telehealth, a rise in wearable tech, and a broader focus on social media marketing.

– Hospital leaders will also find value in learning how to recapture patient volumes lost in 2020 and how to bring more human understanding into the care experience.

NRC Health, a provider of in-depth customer intelligence in...

Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Public Health, Survey / Study, Technology, Telehealth, Trends, Wearables
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