Keckley Report September 27, 2021
Paul Keckley

Last week, Kaufman, Hall and Associates released its outlook for hospital finances for the rest of 2021. Highlights of its analysis include:

  • Hospitals will lose about $54 billion in net income over the course of the year, even after considering federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding from last year.

  • Hospital expenses compared to pre-pandemic levels have increased significantly in 2021: Drug Expenses per Adjusted Discharge +24%, Total Expenses per Adjusted Discharge +15%, Non-labor Expenses per Adjusted Discharge + 17% and Labor Expenses per Adjusted Discharge +14%. FTEs per Adjusted Occupied Bed (AOB) decreased 4% year to date—the only decline.

  • “Higher costs of caring for sicker patients and fewer outpatient visits...

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