Hospice News September 22, 2022
Jim Parker

Hospices seeking to build stronger relationships with other community-based organizations may be able to adapt some of the strategies that health systems and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) have implemented.

These community partnerships have become a key strategy to address social determinants of health, improve health equity, and educate the public about hospice and palliative care. The work done through these relationships can help patients stay in their homes and foster greater interest in hospice among the public.

But some providers may have a learning curve as they extend their missions beyond the traditional scope of clinical care and bereavement services, according to Rob Mechanic, executive director for the Institute for Accountable Care, speaking at a recent conference by the National...

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Topics: ACO (Accountable Care), Health System / Hospital, Partnerships, Payment Models, Post-Acute Care, Provider, Trends, Value Based
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