pharmaphorum October 3, 2022
Jessica Hagen

Gaurav Kapoor, co-founder and executive vice president of Indegene, tells pharmaphorum how pharma can take lessons from the entertainment industry and prepare for the Metaverse to enhance content engagement.

Pharma companies’ customer communication methods require reimagining as technology progresses. Kapoor says, now, pharma can learn from the on-demand nature of content distribution that Hollywood utilises and simultaneously prepare for future needs in content delivery.

“One of our senior clients in big pharma told us, ‘We don’t make pills. Nobody buys pills. Patients buy stories. Patients buy promises. So, patients buy content.’ So, that was where we strengthened ourselves and knew Indegene should be the go-to partner for content,” Kapoor states.

Indegene focuses on helping pharma launch its products using technology...

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