Forbes September 26, 2021
Rhett Power

The pandemic brought wellness, health, and medicine into stark focus across the globe. As a result, the healthcare field has taken center stage as the sector that could literally help the world conquer COVID.

But that doesn’t mean the healthcare industry has remained unscathed. Hospitals and medical facilities in the U.S. have lost more than $202 billion in revenue due to challenges associated with the pandemic. In other words, healthcare needs to heal itself economically. And that’s where entrepreneurs have a unique and timely opportunity to fit into the picture.

Entrepreneurs who bring disruptive innovations and ideas to the table, particularly when it comes to technology, can help the industry recover. At the same time, healthcare technology is evolving rapidly and constantly....

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Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare System, Investments, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Public Health / COVID, Technology, Telehealth, Trends
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