AJMC September 16, 2020
Elaine Michelle Albertson, MPH , Suzanne J. Wood, PhD , Norma B. Coe, PhD , Douglas A. Conrad, PhD

Qualitative interviews reveal health care leader perspectives on how state governments influenced payment reform by developing an accountable care program for public employees. 


Objectives: Most studies of accountable care organizations (ACOs) have focused on contracts with commercial payers, Medicare, or Medicaid. This study contributes to the literature by describing implementation of an ACO for public employees, contracted by a state government under a federally funded State Innovation Model grant.

Study Design: Over a 2-year period, we conducted 17 semistructured qualitative interviews with 20 clinical and administrative representatives of 5 participating health care systems.

Methods: We used an abductive qualitative coding approach to identify key themes in ACO implementation, with a focus on the role of state government.

Results: Interview participants discussed...

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