Research2Guidance December 3, 2021
Stela Nikolova

Frontiers Health roundup panel discussion with key thought leaders on: Innovation & Partner Integration: How are insurance incumbents driving innovation by building digital health ecosystems.

Digital health technologies are transforming the insurance landscape. Health tracking sensors and wearables, apps, artificial intelligence and telehealth/RPM services impacted all parts of the value chain. To drive innovation, insurance incumbents partner with digital health innovators to build an ecosystem of 3rd party solutions that are integrated into insurers’ core business. The variety of digital health offerings within the ecosystem leads to more personalized member experience and better engagement, reduction of pay-out costs and ultimately a better health outcome for their members.

At this years’ Frontiers Health event in Milan, Research2Guidance’s team together with key...

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Topics: Conferences / Podcast, Digital Health, Insurance, Payer, Technology, Trends
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