HealthLeaders Media December 7, 2017
Debra Shute

Virtual medicine practice is more than technological competence. A doctor who proposed the idea of telemedicine certification advocates why this is so.

As medicine sees advancements in technology and expansion of knowledge in care delivery, specialties and their commensurate board certifications continue to proliferate.

With telemedicine use and applications growing, a premier candidate for this process may be a specialty representing the “medical virtualist,” proposed two physicians at New York-Presbyterian (NYP) in a recent JAMA Viewpoint.

Paper coauthor Michael Nochomovitz, MD, chief clinical integration and network development officer at NYP, offers his insights on this topic.

The following transcript has been lightly edited.

HealthLeaders Media: What motivated you to share this idea?

Michael Nochomovitz, MD: Telemedicine started out with coughs, colds, rashes—easy things. But now with...

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