ICT&health June 28, 2021
Artur Olesch, Professor Claudia Pagliari

How can we strengthen primary care by introducing digital health solutions and what have we learned from the pandemic? We asked this question to Claudia Pagliari, Director of Global eHealth at the University of Edinburgh, Theme leader in the NHS Digital Academy, and WHO Technical Advisor in Digital Health.

Primary care covers a wide variety of health needs, types of patients, and care processes and increasingly involves multidisciplinary teams. Making the best use of digital health requires careful consideration of all of these factors, as well as the technologies themselves. Research and experience of digitally-enabled care prior to and during the pandemic have revealed a number of insights which can help to inform future practice, as well as raising new questions...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Patient / Consumer, Physician, Primary care, Provider, Technology
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