Medical Futurist October 14, 2021
Judit Kuszkó

The past year has brought an unprecedented surge in pet adoption in major cities and even in rural areas all around the world. As many people think of their pets as their children, it’s no surprise these animals also get their momentum in digital health. But what it means exactly and what our buzzwords like telemedicine, wearable devices and even smart health tools mean in the pet-setting – we dive deep to find out.

It’s not only that the number of pets adopted grew significantly over the past 18 months – it’s also how pets, in general, received that much-needed boost regarding their immediate health issues. The pet market has grown; the sale of pet foods, toys, medicine and wearables...

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Topics: 3D Printing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Digital Health, Technology, Telehealth, Wearables
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