Becker's Healthcare July 5, 2022
Geoff Caplea, MD, FAAFP, Altera Digital Health

Once aspirational, the benefits of “digital health” are quickly becoming a reality. Digital health is a term that’s often used in healthcare discussions, but what does it really mean?

According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), “Digital health connects and empowers people and populations to manage health and wellness augmented by accessible and supportive provider teams working within flexible, integrated, interoperable and digitally enabled care environments that strategically leverage digital tools, technologies and services to transform care delivery.” More simply, it is the use of technology to improve someone’s health and well-being.

The applications for digital health are extensive, but I’m going to focus on a particularly critical part of healthcare delivery: diagnosis. As defined in the 2015 National Academy...

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Topics: Digital Health, EMR / EHR, Health IT, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology
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