Silicon Republic September 26, 2022
Jenny Darmody

The Polish start-up hopes to address what it considers ‘one of the biggest roadblocks’ to innovation in modern medicine.

Progress in healthcare and medicine can require a lot of data. However, health data is among the most valuable and the most private information anyone can have and therefore use of it is heavily regulated.

This means that access to high-quality and representative medical data by researchers is often limited and fragmented. This is the challenge that Data Lake is hoping to solve.

Founded in 2019 by medical doctors Wojciech Sierocki and Ligia Kornowska, Data Lake is an EU-funded start-up creating a global medical data donation system based on blockchain technology, with privacy and informed consent as fundamental pillars.

Sierocki is...

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Topics: Big Data, Blockchain, Health IT, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology
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