KFF September 29, 2023
Karen Pollitz, Kaye Pestaina, Lunna Lopes, Rayna Wallace, Justin Lo


A KFF survey of adults with health insurance found that roughly 6 in 10 insured adults experience problems when they use their insurance. Problems studied include denied claims, network adequacy issues, preauthorization delays and denials, and others. The survey also explored how often consumers can successfully resolve health insurance problems when they arrive and the consequences of insurance problems. This Data Note takes a closer look at insured adults who said that in the past year, insurance did not pay for care that they received and thought was covered, which we will refer to as “denied claim.”

People with private insurance are more likely to have denied claims than people with public coverage

The KFF Survey of Consumer Experiences...

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Topics: Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Survey / Study, Trends
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