HealthIT Answers September 17, 2021
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In March 2020, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) issued a final rule, 21st Century Cures Act: Interoperability, Information Blocking, and the ONC Health IT Certification Program in an effort to empower patients and promote health information interoperability by prohibiting info blocking. All Actors—defined by ONC as health care providers, Health IT developers of certified Health IT and Health Information Networks (HINS) or HIEs—recently became subject to ONC’s Information Blocking rules and regulations. As an organization built around the idea that the patient should be at the center of their health care, CommonWell (@CommonWell) is philosophically directly aligned with the rule.

Recently, during our CommonWell TV 2021 filming, many members shared their own reactions. See...

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Topics: EMR / EHR, Govt Agencies, Health IT, HIE (Interoperability), ONC, Provider, Technology
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