Rama S Juturu, November 22, 2016

Healthcare consumers are becoming more digital. Siloed approaches are not sustainable in a seamless digital world. We CAN Fix Healthcare!

The US Healthcare System remains broken requiring continued disruption of current practices of medicine, care delivery and payment models. The CC-AI-IoT platform (Clinical Computing- Artificial Intelligence-Internet of Things) will be the disruptor empowering and engaging patient-consumer by enhancing experience across the care continuum resulting in: simplicity, convenience, accessibility and affordability, the unique solution for today’s healthcare problems.

The healthcare will be “social and retail based led by millennials” requiring a new thinking thereby our competencies have to be more related to data and science than experience, hence it is essential preparing for success 10 years down the line for us to survive.

Following are the key points to remember and pursue for leading better lives by keeping people healthy.

Determinants of Health: medical care determines only about 11 percent of health-far less than individual behavior (38 percent), social circumstances (23 percent), and genetics and biology (21 percent).

* Three focus areas: Population health management, Digital health, Precision medicine

* CC: library of computerized calculations, or algorithms, that will be combined with EHR data in an effort to more quickly help develop patient care plans, precise diagnosis and treatment methods.

* AI: Artificial intelligence and machine learning can – and will be a large part of everyday life.

* IoT: Billions of new IoT devices, apps and services could transform our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine.