HealthLeaders Media December 1, 2022
Amanda Norris

With attention on population health and quality initiatives, rev cycle leaders have turned their focus on how capturing SDOH impacts patients.


– SDOH capture is very low, mainly because there is no reimbursement for SDOH codes, and their capture is not required.

– With increasing focus on population health and quality initiatives, leaders have turned their focus to capturing SDOH.

– Capturing SDOH codes impacts an orginization’s patient population and their success in caring for that population, and baking these codes into an EHR system can set an orginization up for sucess.

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are social factors, such as homelessness, illiteracy, a history of childhood trauma, and joblessness or underemployment, that can affect a person’s...

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Topics: Equity/SDOH, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider, RCM (Revenue Cycle Mgmt), Technology
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