HIT Consultant May 27, 2021
Pradeep Goel, CEO and Founder of Solve.Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted yet again the immensely important role played by healthcare professionals across the globe, but it has also presented immeasurable challenges to physicians themselves. As frontline workers, they are placing their lives at risk day in, day out, to ensure the health of their patients. Face-to-face assessments during a pandemic can be a perilous situation for both physicians and patients alike: a study undertaken by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre found that among healthcare workers, family and primary care doctors may have been at the highest risk of dying from COVID-19, above those that work in hospital settings. 

There are also additional concerns wrought by the demands of in-person assessments that have been exacerbated by...

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Topics: Blockchain, Digital Health, Health IT, Physician, Provider, Technology, Telehealth
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