Managed Healthcare Executive January 30, 2023
Heath Sampson

Connecting the healthcare system and patients in a positive, empathetic, respectful way may help lessen the fatigue many groups have with the healthcare system at-large and individual healthcare providers, while improving health equity.

Participating in the healthcare system can be a daunting task for anyone. But especially for those in underserved populations.

Because healthcare is a necessity, becoming a part of the system is a necessity, as well. Nevertheless, utilizing healthcare services can be problematic and difficult. Even those of us who work as part of the healthcare system and purportedly have an inside track on knowledge and information often have a difficult time navigating the labyrinth.

For underrepresented, underserved populations, working through the maze of health insurance plans, co-pays,...

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Topics: Equity/SDOH, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider
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