Forbes March 23, 2023
Angelica Mari

One of the leading healthcare institutions in Latin America, Albert Einstein Hospital is moving toward the next stage of its multimillion-dollar technology and innovation strategy. The aim is to broaden access to advanced medicine through initiatives with actors such as startups as well as tech and healthcare organizations worldwide.

Founded in São Paulo by the city’s Jewish community following World War II, The Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital started its activities in 1955. Considered Brazil’s most modern private hospital, it also has a social assistance program encompassing care in low-income communities and public-private partnerships for public hospitals. With nearly 25,000 staff including over 10,000 registered doctors, the hospital specializes in high-complexity medicine, focusing on cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, and surgery, and...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health System / Hospital, Provider, Technology
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