Fast Company July 8, 2021
Ruth Reader

A proof-of-concept study shows the use of wearables with the hormone-free birth control app Natural Cycles can better predict ovulation.

For years, an app called Natural Cycles has been assisting women in tracking their ovulation cycles as a form of contraception. To use it, women have to manually enter their temperature at the same time every morning. It’s a cumbersome process that needs to be followed strictly. Now, the company has completed a proof-of-concept study showing that its app can be paired with a wearable to continuously monitor temperature data and other body signals for effective pregnancy prevention. Wearables may finally make Natural Cycles’s hormone-free birth control more compelling to women and health experts alike.

Integrating wearables into the app’s...

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Topics: Digital Health, FDA, Govt Agencies, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology, Wearables
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