Healthcare IT Today December 15, 2022
John Lynn

Many IT companies have tried to create solutions that advance interoperability in healthcare. But it often consists of layering more and more technologies on top of antiquated legacy systems, adding even greater administrative complexities. While FHIR has made significant headway in creating common protocols and standards for data exchange, there is opportunity to create greater data fluidity among all healthcare stakeholders. According to Gabriela Pelin, Chief Innovation Officer at Avaneer Health, her company is taking a different approach by building an entirely different kind of collaboration and data-sharing network.

The Avaneer Network™ is a digital ecosystem that leverages the latest technologies like blockchain and AI to create a secure peer-to-peer network as the conduit for data-sharing and collaboration. These technologies...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, Conferences / Podcast, HIE (Interoperability), Technology, Trends
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