Forbes September 27, 2022

Our healthcare team recently published our take on the potential impact of Amazon’s planned acquisition of One Medical on patient data privacy. Now we are digging deeper to understand what is possible in an Amazon-One Medical paradigm by unraveling how Amazon’s algorithm and current capabilities could make use of zettabytes of consumer and newly acquired patient data.

Unraveling Amazon’s Collaborative Filtering Engine (CFE) Algorithm

Today, Amazon leverages consumer data to drive sales, personalize product feeds, and implement dynamic pricing. We have all seen this in action. Amazon knows how to put your shopping preferences to work to personalize product feeds, but it doesn’t stop there. The retail titan also uses this data behind the scenes to forecast a general picture of your...

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Topics: Big Data, Digital Health, Mergers & Acquisitions / JV, Primary care, Provider, Retailer, Technology, Trends
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