STAT April 26, 2022
Casey Ross and Katie Palmer

Biofourmis senses an opportunity

Remote patient monitoring company Biofourmis announced a $300 million Series D round this morning, a critical investment as the firm looks to products that not only identify when patients are likely to deteriorate, but can help manage their care. The company says that 20 hospitals have signed on to use its care at home services — which includes monitoring devices and an app — to help prevent costly ER care and readmissions.

Next up: using patient data to drive treatment decisions, like titrating drug doses. Biofourmis has a pivotal trial under way for its BiovitalsHF software — but even if results are positive, it faces hurdles in patient and provider acceptance. “That’s going to be the...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Digital Health, Health System / Hospital, Provider, Technology
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