September 30, 2023
Lloyd Price

Exec Summary:

The House of Commons Science, Innovation and Technology Committee began an inquiry on 20 October 2022, to examine: the impact of AI on different areas of society and the economy; whether and how AI and its different uses should be regulated; and the UK Government’s AI governance proposals.

The SITC received and published over 100 written submissions, taking oral evidence from 24 individuals, including AI researchers, businesses, civil society representatives, and individuals affected by this technology.

Medicine and healthcare is often said to be particularly well-placed to benefit from the use of AI models and tools—in the 2023 AI white paper, improvements in NHS medical care are listed among the key societal benefits.

The 3 main benefits to...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Govt Agencies, Regulations, Survey / Study, Technology, Trends
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