Healthcare IT Today January 6, 2022
Colin Hung

The team at CorroHealth is emphasizing a balanced approach to improving Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) – one that blends AI, automation, and people. The company’s leaders believe that healthcare organizations should set themselves a goal of streamlining and augmenting the current processes, especially in light of the hiring challenges.

Road to AI and Automation in RCM

CorroHealth was formed through the merger of four RCM companies:

  1. TrustHCS
  2. Visionary RCM
  3. The T System
  4. RevCycle+

While others were hunkering down to weather the pandemic, CorroHealth continued to expand through acquisition and added three companies:

  1. Versalus Health
  2. TCP Services and Analytics
  3. Medical Savant

“We’re definitely much bigger now and much better positioned in the market,” stated Patrick Leonard, CEO...

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