Eric Topol June 10, 2022

Ground Truths

A cluster of “un-heard of” results in multiple subtypes of advanced cancer

The narrative has been incubating for many years, but in recent days we are witnessing some extraordinary progress in treating and monitoring cancer. The convergence of genomics of the cancer—be it from the person’s DNA or tumor directly or the blood (known as liquid biopsy)—matched with the appropriate therapy is leading to outcomes that are being described as “unheard-of” by expert oncologists. This represents the essence of individualized medicine, whereby understanding the unique biologic basis of a person’s cancer can lead to highly accurate and effective treatment, and also avoid the toxicity of classical chemotherapeutic agents. Here I will review 4 recent studies, all published in...

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Topics: Biotechnology, Patient / Consumer, Pharma / Biotech, Precision Medicine, Provider
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