Yahoo Finance January 10, 2020
Shanthi Rexaline

The 38th annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, which is tipped off as the biggest health care investment symposium, kicks off Monday in San Francisco, California.

From the high and mighty to the smallest of nanocaps, biopharma and health care companies have scheduled presentations at the four-day event. It’s a no-brainer that the presentations will move stocks and serve as key catalysts for respective companies.

BofA Securities analyst¬†Geoff Meacham¬†expects investors to be acutely focused on 2020 expectations and the potential to maintain the positive momentum of 2019’s year-end rally. The analyst is bracing for a conservative tone from larger-cap names, given the moderate but improving growth expectations that would offer scope for multiple guidance revisions throughout the year.

Meacham expects discussions at...