HealthTech Magazines November 7, 2022
By Kristin L. Preihs, MPH, CHES, CQIA, Director of Clinical Quality & Funded Partnerships, The American Hospital Association (AHA)

I started my career in a rural public health department in southern Illinois, where interoperability often relied on impromptu phone calls and other person-to-person connections. Even with comparably modest resources and technology, the emergency and day-to-day operations of that local community health coalition was (and still is) formidable, well-connected and impactful.

Those early experiences in rural health instilled in me the importance of cross-sector interoperability, which functions best when aligned with current community readiness, better interpersonal communications and user-friendly technology.

Hospitals and health systems utilize some of the most advanced networks of interoperability in all health care. But interoperability must be more than just quickly getting translatable data from point A to point B. So how do the systems deployed by...

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Topics: EMR / EHR, Health IT, HIE (Interoperability), Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology
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