HealthLeaders Media January 4, 2022
Laura Beerman

“…[A]lthough the proverbial devil is in the details, a reasonable path exists toward greater direct contracting between purchasers and ACOs,” states The American Journal of Accountable Care.


– Purchasers can and are taking advantage of multiple direct contracting options, from bundled payments and centers of excellence to narrow networks and ACOs.

– Direct contracting is one of many examples of how healthcare moves to make progress in value-based reimbursement, even as foundational elements like full-risk continue to lag. 

– Success is far from guaranteed, however, as employers and ACOs must consider a range of questions, considerations, and priorities.

In its December 2021 issue, The American Journal of Accountable Care (AJAC) highlights how multiple factors—including the “pandemic … a...

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Topics: ACO (Accountable Care), Bundled Payments, Employer, Payment Models, Provider, Value Based
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