RamaOnHealthcare April 14, 2017
Rama S Juturu

We are on a 10-year healthcare transformation journey enabling “Consumerism-Disruption” through Innovation defining a series of stages, steps, iterations driving market maturity benefiting the community finally.

Health will be digital empowering patient-consumer-caregiver and medicine will be data science driven by – smart data, smart algorithms and smart insights.

We will be experiencing immense challenges resulting in – implications, synergies, opportunities and threats in the coming years.

A less expensive, broader-based healthcare system?

Here’s What Your Future Doctor Visits Could Look Like

We conduct business and live in the new era (smart machine age) where the content is digitized. We can develop a framework on the lines of C5 (content, consume, converge, collaborate, context) and HIaaS (Healthcare Insights as a Service) innovating for the healthcare stakeholders.

Curated Content is a compelling solution for today’s immense challenges

In the historic fee-for-service payment model and siloed delivery model the MDs/ Providers control/ influence 80% of healthcare costs of $3T healthcare industry causing 1,000 preventable deaths daily.

Where Does Your Premium Dollar Go?

A Brief Analysis of the 2015 Medical Loss Ratio and Rebates Results

Medical mistakes still kill 1,000 patients a day, Leapfrog says

The 4-year MD program is a century old, MDs are trained and practice medicine in a massively broken system.

The Value Proposition for Medical Education is Under Stress

Medical education is in an era of transformation | Discover why

AMA advances initiative to create the medical school of the future

Obamacare, Trumpcare are the catalysts igniting the torch and the private sector is carrying the torch making investments, innovating aligning “Consumerism-Disruption” needs.

Digital health funding remains strong in 2017 Q1

Clinical Care isn’t Healthcare  

How CVS is taking on more acute and chronic care

Value Based Care, MACRA (Clinical Care) ≠ Healthcare