Health Evolution June 8, 2023
Ashley Antonelli

At our recent 2023 Summit in April, Health Evolution Fellows participated in exclusive conversations that brought together Fellows from across our ten, year-round Forum Roundtables to confront some of health care’s most pressing challenges. Health Evolution’s in-person gatherings provide a perfect venue to convene Fellows and examine critical issues that permeate across multiple of the topic-specific Roundtables.

Read on to learn more about where leaders are working to drive collaboration and collective action in health care—and how you can join them in Health Evolution Fellowship.

Advancing Research and Equity: Demystifying, Diversifying & Decentralizing Clinical Trials

In the Fellowship breakout session “Advancing Research and Equity: Demystifying, Diversifying & Decentralizing Clinical Trials,” moderator Carolyn Starrett, CEO, Flatiron Health, and discussion leaders Amy...

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