Becker's Healthcare December 7, 2022
Andrew Cass

From JP Recovery Services joining Meduit, to Knowtion Health acquiring Amplus, here are 13 revenue cycle management mergers and acquisitions Becker’s has reported since June 21:

1. JP Recovery Services joined Meduit on Dec. 5. JP Recovery Services provides accounts receivables management, billing and extended business office services to more than 70 hospitals, physicians groups and private practices across the U.S. The JP Recovery Services name will change to JP RMP and employees will become part of Meduit.  

2. National Medical Billing Services acquired MedTek, an ASC revenue cycle management provider, on Oct. 25. MedTek was founded in 2001 and offers medical transcription, coding, billing and other software products to ASCs in nearly 50 states. It employs more than 100...

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Topics: Mergers & Acquisitions / JV, RCM (Revenue Cycle Mgmt), Technology, Trends
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